LGB Group was established in 1978 to spearhead the company's focus on water engineering and has since diversified into a number of industries. Today, the Group has specialised subsidiaries in diverse industries encompassing numerous facets of public utilities and infrastructure, construction and engineering, property developments, information technology, trading, and food and beverage. The Group specialises in products and services that aim to elevate the lifestyle in today's society.

Merging the talents of local professionals and experts, LGB's entrepreneurial spirit has not only made its mark in Malaysia, but has also made its presence felt abroad across China, Japan and the United Kingdom. LGB Group has formidable partners in their joint ventures. The Malaysian Employees Provident Fund is one such partner to the listed arm of LGB Group, namely Taliworks Corporation Berhad in some of its infrastructure projects.

With over 8,000 employees in Asia and the United Kingdom, the LGB Group is poised for greater challenges and remains passionate about enriching the quality of societal life for years to come.